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7 Years
Oct 23, 2012
Centennial CO
Hi! I'm a newbie to this sight, have been able to pop on from time to time to get info, but thought heck why not intro myself. I'm Lisa, live in a suburb of Denver, have 4 ladies. 3 black Austrolopes and 1 Americana, had 2 but our neighbor's rotten spoiled terrier got under our fence and broker her neck. :(
My girls are going on 23 weeks, we still have not seen any eggs. I feed them a GMO free feed that I obtain from an urban market in town, as well as a container of yogurt in the morning inside of either a melon or pumpkin which they seem to just love. They get all sorts of other kitchen goodies, so far pretty much all the greens they can eat out of the garden, any tomatoes they can reach etc... The only thing I've really read not to feed them so far is potato skins and Avocados.
I let the ladies out of their coop around 9 AM and they go back to roost when they feel like it's time, usually right around dusk. I've moved my coop just recently because something (a fox from the tracks looks like) tried to dig under. Currently the girls are up against the house on my deck, since it's been too cold for us to hang out much back there. They are backed against the house for winter warmth and out of the wind. It's a nice little nook that fit the coop perfect and it's easy for me to get to for cleaning out Also, nothing can dig under it. We shall revisit the coop location next spring/summer when we start using the deck again.

We are forcast some weather in the next couple days, and I'm curious, do you let the birds range and go out of the coop if there is weather or do you restrict and keep them cooped up? I figure that if it's too bad they'll either find a spot they like in the yard or stay in the coop, but you never know, thought I'd ask since I'm new and all....

I have been told that on cold cold nights I may need a heat light, but I think that the girls are in a pretty good spot and whenever I peek in at them at night, they seem to be huddled up in a tight bunch, so I think a light/heater may be unwarranted. I am sure wishing they'd at least pop out ONE egg! We are impatient! :) I figure it will taste that much better when it does happen! Thanks

Hi, welcome to BYC from WI...
sounds like u have a nice flock. I bet you will start getting eggs any day now.
as for weather, they know how to look after themselves...
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Hello and welcome to BYC from Kentucky. I let mine have the choice of going out or staying in the coop during winter. Contrary to what others tell you concerning adding a heat lamp in cold weather it is not necessary. Chickens come complete with a nice thick down filled coat. Hot weather is always more of a concern than cold will be.

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Greetings from Kansas, wickedlees, and
! Happy you joined our community! Sounds like your chickens have it made in the shade! They are so luck and pampered birds. Best of luck to you!

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