Cocci and respiratory question


9 Years
Aug 2, 2010
I was reading up on cocci...I found bloody poop in my 3 and 5 week chicks brooder. I started them on 9.6% corid solution in water. I read that a lot of times chickens with cocci will also develop respiratory issues and to treat with antibiotics as well. My chicks are sneezing, I have Denagard. Should I be treating with that as well? I thought I read somewhere not to put anything else in water with corid.
BUMP! I had a 3 week old chick die of cocci this weekend (it was horrible, it looked like she was pooping her intestines) and switched to medicated food and some sort of water soluble medication (recommended by the local feed store). So far, no sign of respiratory issues in the other girls, but some of them have loose stools, so I'm not taking any chances.
Sorry your chick died! Thanks for the bump. Let's hope someone has some words of wisdom for us!

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