May 7, 2015
I've had to treat my flock for cocci. I used corid. The guy at the farm store said the eggs weren't safe to eat while being treated. Saw a post from 2011 they are safe. Can you please clarify. They have been treated for 5 days. I still have 3 birds showing bloody stools and i have separated them and are treating them one more day. Any help would be appreciated.


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If you are still seeing bloody poo after treating for 5 days with Corid that is NOT normal.

When I have used Corid the bloody poo is always gone within 24 hours. There are 9 strains that affect chickens and resistance can exist.

Read this thread, but do read all of it before making decisions as there are some reversals:

You mention that your hens are laying. They should be immune to cocci by now. So either they have been exposed to a new strain of cocci by bringing it onto your property from new addtions or equipment/shoes, or they are immunocompromised, I am guessing.

Do they have worms/mites/lice? Are they ill from something else that would knock them down?

I have read that same info. you have, but I would not eat the eggs from hens with bloody poo.

There is also necrotic enteritis:

This mentions no laying hens and no chickens over 16 weeks. That was not addressed in the above linked thread I provided. I have never given this medication. I would not advise using it then after reading what this link says because of your hens being of laying age.

It may be worth your while to take a poo sample to a vet for him/her to check it for cocci/bacteria/worms. I would call ahead to find out cost/whether they will do it though if interested.
False negatives are possible on the worms test.
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