Coccidiosis or else?

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    Oct 31, 2011

    Hope all of you are doing well along with your fluffy friends. I wanted to know coccidiosis symptoms and treatment over here as I suspect my femail pheasant is having that but I am not sure.

    She is not eating by her own since last 3 days , we are feeding her . Most of the time she stands with a bit fluffy feathers..At the corner or at the roosting stand. She has lost a bit of weight as well. I checked her poo it was green and a bit thick. And last night she pooped with a pieces of sunflower and cracked corn in it.

    We are feeding her boiled egg, some fruits and veggies chunks. She is not active at all. I have given her the following medications so far but no improvement .

    Caricef/suprex 100 mg susp ...0.5 ml

    Brufen 0.3 ml

    Flagyl 0.5 ml

    Nystatin drops.

    And a multivitamin.

    As my vet prescribed. I asked him is she has coccidiosis? Can you prescribe some medication for that but he did not say anything. Just said do it for 3 days and then we will decide what to do next. I don't think so he is an avian vet.

    Now kindly tell me what else I can do? Is it coccidiosis or else?
    What are other common diseases that are having the above symptoms?

    Waiting for your response.


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