Coccidiosis questions.

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My chicks are a little over 3 weeks old now and still in a big girl brooder in my livingroom!
I try to learn as much as I can and just did my cocci research.
My girls came vaccinated and we do not feed medicated chick crumble.
On nice days I take them outside to run and scratch around my backyard. I keep them outside with me till they fluff up and look cold.
My neighbors right behind me have a small flock of 4 hens. There are no fences between our properties and once in a while their girls will wander around on our lawn.
I always enjoyed seeing them in our yard!
Now that I am reading up on cocci, I am worried that our flocks could make each other sick.
To put up a fence, we would have to remove many trees and the cost would be thousands of dollars!
I am not sure if I am freaking out over nothing or if this is something I really have to worry about the situation.
Our girls (just like the neighbors) will have a coop with run, but the plan was always to have them run free for most of the day.
They have already been exposed to any cocci on either of your properties. Normally, they will gradually build up an immunity to cooi on their own, particularly wen raided by a mama hen as they gt some immunity from her poop. Yours may be getting this sort of immunity from your neighbor's hens. I'm not familir enough with the vaccine to understand how it fits into the picture. However, since your chicks have been outside and have not gotten sick, I don't think I owuld be overly concerned at this point. If they were to get sick from cocci, it should be quite evident: they will get lethargic, not want to eat or drink, etc.

Cocci are essentially always in the soil. It is a matter of the concentration, and of the birds getting the chance to build immunity gradually. It doesn't sound to me like you have anythign to worry about.
What a relief!
All the girls are as healthy as can be! We wanted 4 but got 6 because I was worried we might loose some.
The more I learn about chicken keeping, the more I worry about making mistakes.
I am the kind of parent who buys her kid some Hermit Crabs for $5 and then goes out and spends $250 to make sure they have everything they need.

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