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    Apr 2, 2011
    can i use heavily diluted bleach to disinfect my coop?

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    It doesn't even have to be super heavily diluted, just make sure it dries and they don't drink any run-off water (can you put them in a free-range area or separate them away from the coop until your cleaning is done?) and for the record, although bleach is good for general disinfecting, I have been told that it does NOT kill the oocysts from coccidia, and that they can live in the soil for years. We have some particularly nasty strains of it here that is completely unaffected by Corid. When I switched to the Sulmet, some of them began to recover. I still lost several hens, some positively BEAUTIFUL roos, and a duck to coccidiosis, all while being on medicated water AND being fed medicated chick starter routinely as their main food on the advice of an avian veterinarian. [​IMG]
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    Apr 2, 2011
    Quote:ok, thanks. we hace plenty of space for them to free range. what would you suggest using to disinfect the coop so? and i have a bark mulch on the ground of my enclosure so is it ok to leave it down or does is need to be changed? the hen who died on me was sitting on eggs in the coop (in the laying boxes) and she hadnt come out in about 2 days so would the mulch outside be infected too?
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    For cocci, the disinfectant to use in the coop is ammonia, not bleach, which does kill the protozoa. They live in the soil, though, so it's a matter of reducing numbers, not eliminating.

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