Cochin Bantams in a Mixed, Standard-Sized Flock?


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I had not considered having any bantams, but I'm getting input from my kids about chicken breeds and the 15yo wants bantam Cochins, specifically Silver-Laced, because they're round, fluffy, and adorable.

How likely is it for a couple Cochin bantam hens^ to deal well with being in a mixed flock of Australorps, Delawares, Brahmas, Marans, and a few other standard breeds? Would they need to be housed and penned separately for their own safety? I'm intending to end up with 1-2 roosters for about 12-20 hens, probably either Delaware, Marans, or Australorp depending on how my chicken plans work out.

Would the chicks have to be brooded separately from the full-size chicks?

^I know that bantams are almost always sold straight run and am prepared to deal with that.
I also would keep them separate. While exceptions do exist, bantam Cochins as a whole are very docile and easily picked on. Bad for mixed flock situations. Perfect for kids pets. :love

And adults like me, who like to snuggle the ever loving crap out of their living craft pom poms.
Honestly for a while, minewas the only bantam in our flock, with an Ameraucana standard male rooster. She quickly became number two hen out of 11 (?) Birds and held that position for 5 years. We separated her when brooding her chick but i don't doubt she'll get to that spot again or at the least become number 3 this time
When reading these posts regarding bantams and cochins I have to chuckle. I have one bantam hen and one bantam rooster. The rooster is the cock of the walk....the little bantam hen gets beat up pretty bad by the others. I lost a couple of my chickens a couple of months ago so I purchased a standard size pullet and two cochins. Well, the cochins beat up on the bantam, but the standards beat up on the cochins!

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