cochin chicks not growing


7 Years
Nov 9, 2012
my cochin hen breed to another cochin rooster that are not related in any way.has two of her 6chicks not growing with others. No fethers at all. But have good weight.eating well. Lots of energy. Not showing any signs of sickness. Are they just laye bloomers????
The only 2 cochins I've ever raised, feathered out far more slowly than the other, non-cochin chicks I raised with them. In fact, these two cochins seem developmentally delayed in all ways. So far, the impression I have of this breed is that they have been way over-bred, into beautiful but retarded little creatures who don't know how to get out their own way, much less get out of harm's way. I realize that n=2 does not make an entire study, but I don't think I will take my chances on cochins again.
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