Cochin color expectations

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14 Years
Apr 29, 2009
Wilson, NC
Good morning (here anyway),

I am working on separating my breeds, somewhat. In my cochin pen I plan to put a Silver laced cockrel, two silver laced pullets, one black pullet, two white fizzle pullets.
Can I expect any solid black or solid white chicks? Will there be a certain ratio of frizzled babies from the frizzled mamas?
What would happen if I change out the Silver laced guy with a barred cochin cockrel? Does the mother have to be barred for babies to be barred?
I don't need anything too scientific. I'm just curious about what would/could happen.
With your frizzles they'll have a 50/50 chance of producing frizzled offspring so about half of their babies will be frizzled.
If you use the barred rooster he will pass a barred gene to all his offspring so whatever color or pattern they are they will be barred.
Unless one of your roosters carry recessive white you will not get white babies. It could happen but wouldn't expect it.
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