Cochin hen or chick wanted


5 Years
Mar 29, 2014
Trinity nc
Hi guys. I live in North Carolina near asheboro. I just ordered 5 bsntam chicks of different types that will arrive mid may. I wanted a splash cochin standard or bantam doesn't matter but my local feed store does not have splash available to order. If anyone near where I live has a splash cochin hen or chick up for rehoming or sale I'd love to speak further with you!
I would also be happy with a cuckoo also.
Yes only 1 chick I only have so much room and don't want to over crowd my coop, but I have 2 4 week old chicks now to keep it company and like I mentioned 5 bantam chicks arriving mid may.


In the Brooder
6 Years
Apr 4, 2013
Hi! So do u have pics of your bantam cochins?? I have Calico Cochins and they are very sweet and gentle, even the rooster.....

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