cochin silkie x 8weeks old Gender please

Well, I think pullet.

To test nicalanda's info--do you know which parent was which? According to him, a silkie roo over a cochin hen gives a sex link of sorts--pullets get the black skin, cockerels get the yellow skin.
One thing I do know, is I've got this one that I know for sure what the father is. It'd be this frizzle Cochin and the white one here's mother was just the same; all white frizzle.
well they are a silkie cross and silkies have black skin, so the could have the black silkie gene, which came into affect later in life
I just had to run out and look at my pen of white silkie roo x red cochin crosses. All the cockerals/roos have pink skin and the lone pullet has black skin. This is definitely something I will have to keep data on.

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