Cockerel or Pullet?


Aug 17, 2019
Hello forum,

I am new to raising chicken. I would appreciate input on if you think these three are cockerels or pullets? I apologize if the pictures are not
good enough to tell. I can take more. Thank you!
It's hard to tell. From the pictures they shouldn't be far from either starting to crow or laying eggs. Good luck and have fun...
Unless the one in the upper left has very small comb and wattles compared to the other two, I’d vote for all pullets. I don’t see any obvious saddle or hackle feathers coming out. Pretty birds!

Edit: I just saw that they are 11wks. Those are very red combs and wattles for that age. The only thing that caught my eye at first was the size of the legs on all the birds. They look pretty big in the pics. I don’t know.
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Here’s a picture of one of them. I’ll take more pictures tomorrow. Thank you to everyone! I appreciate your responses.

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