Cockerel Question

Chick CJ

12 Years
Dec 27, 2009
Hi All, I have 27 hens (half RIR's, half EE's) and 1 EE cockerel, all around 7 months old. The cockerel only seems to be mounting a couple of the hens and two in particular are starting to show some serious wear on their backsides. I am wondering if he will get busy with more of the hens as he matures or if he is likely to stay with just these few? I know I can use a saddle and would be willing to for a while but if it will not stop then he will have to go! Anyone know what the chances are of him adding to his repertoire!

Den in Penn

8 Years
Dec 15, 2011
SE Pa.
Chances are he is already covering more, your just not seeing the wear and tear because they are not being mated as much as his favorites. I know with my flock its hard to tell by watching during the hour or so I do, if they are all being served. With large numbers of like feathered hens it is some times hard to keep track of who is who let alone who did what.


11 Years
Dec 13, 2010
We thought the same thing with our roo, since we only saw him mate with very few of the 11 hens. Well, we let a broody have some eggs from most all of the hens, and sure enough, they were all fertile. So he was finding a way to do the job when we weren't looking.

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