Cockerels and pullets are attacking the chick that was sick!

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    My little sick 11 week old chick has gotten so much better thanks to all the great advice! Her impacted crop seems to be all better now.
    It's been a week and a half that's she's been in the house recuperating from her crop issues.
    So I thought I would reintroduce her to the flock today... Big mistake!

    My 9 hens are free run within the fenced-in barnyard, my 11- 11 week old pullets (4 of which I just discovered are cockerels) spend their days inside the chicken tractor within the barnyard, so the hens and the babies can all get used to each other without any fuss and at night they have separate sleeping quarters in the barn.

    Ok, so I brought Her out from the house to the tractor first and let her eat some grass, then I gradually brought out the smallest of the pullets and she ignored her, and so we brought out the rest of them. For a few minutes everything was normal, no one seemed to pay any attention to her being there, and I was so relieved. Then one of the cockerels started really aggressively attacking her, then the other cockerels joined in! So I took them out and put them back in the barn and for a few more minutes it was fine with just the other girls.
    Then THEY started attacking her!

    I took her out, poor little thing, and now I don't know what to do! I'm so upset I'm near tears!
    Please advise!
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    Jul 5, 2013
    Okay so this might not be the correct way to deal with this but this is the way I dealt with my younger chicks and older chicks. When I would see them hurting them I would push them a way with my hand or foot. The big chicks learned pretty quick that they can't do that and they leave them alone now and don't mess with them. Hope that helps.
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