cocketiels and parakeets (can you house them together?)

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    I recently combined two cages into one large one. I have two male cocketiels who are basically the odd couple. They don't really like each other but they tolorate each other. I put a pair of parakeets in with them. They got along for a few days, but this morning I woke up to blood and feathers everywhere. Not sure who was doing the fighting but one was a cocketiel because he was the one who was bloody. Is the one female going to cause problems even if she is a different species?
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    parakeets tend to be very agressive with other species of birds, despite their small size they are nicknamed pirranah birds, and a bonded/breeding pair is going to decimate your teils, they will eventually bully them to death.

    some people sucessfully keep 1 keet with 1 teil, but those stories are the exception not the rule.
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    We had one female cockatiel in with our 4 budgies when I was younger and they got along good, so from my experience I'd say yes. But that was the only cockatiel I've ever owned [​IMG]

    I think part of your problem might have been a territory thing if you put them from separate cages into the same one. Did you put them all into a new cage or add ones to the other's cage?
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    I used to raise both. Well....I used to raise a lot of different birds.

    You need enough room so they don't crowd eachother, but I used to cage them together and never had a problem.

    Key words are Enough ROOM.
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    we have 3 cockatiels (2 male, 1 female) and 4 budgies (unknown sex for all of them but most likely at least 2 male) and they live together relatively peacefully in a very large cage with several feeders and waterers. Like the others said, it's all about having a large enough cage.
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    At one time I had 3 parakeets and 2 cockatiels. Over time I lost 2 of the keets and 1 of the cockatiels. I wondered about combining them since they were familiar with each other since the cages sat side by side. The lady at the bird shop advised against it....she said parakeets were notorious for chewing on other birds feet when caged together. I had been worried about my cockatiel doing the keet damage, not the other way around. I never did combine them. Now the only one I have left is my almost 17 year old cockatiel.

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