Coco Maran


In the Brooder
7 Years
Jun 29, 2012
Hey all I have a black Coco Maran that is about 8 months old. she just up and stopped laying. she is not molting (no feather loss). She has not layed for about a week. she was laying every other day sometimes every day. It has been extermely hot here for the last two week but has got nice and cool now. She laid this summer though it had been unseasonably cool all summer and we just had our normal midwest heat the last two weeks. could she have stopped laying because of the late heat? anybody have this happen? when will she start laying again. it has gotten beautiful now cool evenings, nice days. also, there has been no feed change.

in addition i had one hatchling in July so she is two months old. When can i expect momma to start laying again. Momma is a golden wynadotte mix.

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