Cold beak


9 Years
Sep 14, 2013
My goose has stopped eating and her beak is cold. she stands or floats, she drinks and that's pretty much it. I can tell she is off but don't know what to do. She still loves snuggling. I have seen her shake her head and vomit once last night and once today.

As of today she has extra vitamin b, electrolytes, and nutridrench in 2 different water buckets. Changing them daily. She is quarantined inside so I can monitor activity and poop...none today..all just water coming out. Has peas and watermelon and mazuri waterfowl. Tried romaine yesterday but she wasn't interested though she did scoot her food around a little last night. Gave her a dose of safeguard and baytril to try to combat anything else. I could use any insight or suggestions.

Thank you.
How is she now?
In truth not much change, but thank you for asking.. I've done dewormer and multiple antibiotics. Still not eating (no nothing noticeable). I am tubing 2-3 times a day now to keep her weight up. Still has those 2 dots on her a little while standing, but doesn't lay down either. She's a mystery. I sometimes wonder if she's having difficulty with molting. She has a lot of pin feathers when I pet her every night.

Waiting for payday and I guess I'll have to pay for testing. I hadn't planned such a large budget for goose vet bills this year.
Have you also posted on the geese forum? Here is where it is located:

Do you have pictures of the spots on the beak? I am not familiar with geese, but could it be an injury or fowl pox?
Yes I did post on the geese pages as well and put pictures there. They are two slightly raised spots, appeared different days. I did wonder about injury or bug bite... I volunteer at a bird rescue so we have gone thru all the possibilities and potential remedies that we know of without being able to do blood tests. She's not getting better or worse (other than her weight which I'm maintaining by tube feeding). That's why I'm reaching out. I'm considered our resident goose expert and I don't have a clue.


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