'Cold Brooder' Next to coop


10 Years
May 25, 2009
Adelaide, Australia
Yes I am overtaking the forum with my bazillion questions, but google is not your best friend contrary to popular belief.

This website shows a cold brooder, which I was thinking about making something similar, outside, and putting it near my older girls, so when it comes to letting them mingle, the process will be less bloody (I hope)

Thoughts/Suggestions?? Assuming the 'cold brooder' works, what effect will having them so close to the older ones have??
I'd probably fence them in, including a top, so the young ones are not endangered by the older chickens. Mama is not around to protect them. If they are in the vicinity of the older chickens while growing up, I think it will help in the integration isues later. I also think it will help them gain immunity from cocci while young, but remember to check them regularly to make sure it is not getting out of hand if cocci does show up. Also, they are vulnerable to any mites and lice the older ones have and may need to be treated.

You could try integrating them fairly young if they have a safe place to get to where the others can't get at them, but unless you have one of those roosters that protects chicks, I'd think they would be in serious danger from the older hens. Other than that, in my opinion, no worries, mate.

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