cold chicks HELP!

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    Dec 4, 2013
    As I looked out side I saw two little chicks I wonderd were there mother was I didnt se any other chickens around so I picked them up and ran in my house I raised chickens before but I wasnt going to raise more untill spring. But they are freezing and I dont have any thing for them so I sat them by the heater they seem sick and un healthy what to do! I dont want them to die!!!!
  2. I'm not an expert by any means but the best thing to do is to keep them warm. My suggestion would be to plug in a heating pad and wrap it in a towel. lay the chicks on it to keep them warm. Oh, and make sure they have water. Hydration and heat is the most important things when they are little. How young are they? Good luck with them and I'm sure your motherly/fatherly instincts will kick in.
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    How cold is it where you are? What do you mean by look unhealthy? Are they eating and drinking? I have never had problems with chicks. Best luck.
  4. Keep them warm under a lamp (just make sure it isn't too hot). Rubbing them to keep circulation will help warm them up. You can cook some eggs and grind it up to feed them and get some protein in. If you have any chicken food, wetting it and feeding it to them will help. Just make sure they get lots of water. Some people recommend feeding sugar water.

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