Cold Hardy Buff Orpingtons in HOT Oklahoma


9 Years
May 5, 2010
I need to know how all the Buff Orpington's living in Oklahoma are doing. I heard they are cold hardy but worry about my new flock and how the hot summers in Oklahoma will affect them. Any advice?
I am in a hot area in southern California - as in 90's to 100+ all summer - gag! Being retired, I have the opportunity to check on my BBS orps during the day. Shade is good! I freeze containers (formerly 16oz. cottage cheese containers) of water and put them into their waterers to give them a cool drink. I also spray water on the ground in shady areas and the birds hunker down on the cool wet spots. This is a desert-like area, so humidity isn't an issue. My birds do not like being misted with water, although when it rains they are active outdoors - go figure!
Thanks for the info. Mine tend to hole up in the coop in the rain. I will mist the ground when it gets hot and make sure they are in the shade.

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