Cold nighttime temps and pullets

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by bappl, Mar 12, 2016.

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    I have a six, seven, and eight week old chick that I'd like to put outside in the coop. I've looked on here for an answer but haven't found any that match my weather conditions. So I decided to create a new thread to ask. All three chicks are well feathered especially the oldest. My youngest chick has maybe three or four fluffs left on her head and she'll be done. My weather has been very rainy. Nighttime temps have been in the mid 30's with daytime temps ranging from the mid 40's to the low 60's. I've wanted to put them into a coop with straw for their bedding but I haven't been sure if I should leave them out there due to all the rain and the nighttime temps. What do you guys think? Do you think they'd be fine outside? These are my three chicks: two pullets and a cockerel.
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    They'll be fine. I've had chicks younger than that out in temps like those without heat.
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    Wonderful! Thank you! That puts my mind at ease!
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    Agreed...I have been testing chick hardiness over the winter and have found that 3 week old chicks can thrive in sub freezing conditions in numbers. With fresh water, food and each others body heat, all is well. These were NH Reds, BA's and BR's. A good indication of well being is food consumption. Good luck.
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    When you say "numbers", what kind of numbers are we talking? Im new to raising chicks so just curious.
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    I brood mine outside in the run from the start, and I'm up here in Northern Wyoming. Never an issue, even with temps in the teens and twenties. I don't use a heat lamp, just Mama Heating Pad, and they absolutely thrive!
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    "In numbers" means several chicks together as opposed to just two or three. :)
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    Anything more than a solo chick.
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    Its important to remember for all chick raisers that going from an inside brooder with a heat lamp to an outside unheated coop with cooler temps is tricky with or without feathers. You'll have an easier time if you gradually reduce and then remove the heat lamp and introduce your pullets to the outdoors before moving them permanently to the coop.
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    This is good information - thanks to all.

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