Colder Weather... Winterizing small coop and wondering: Are Chicken Sweaters practical or just cute?


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This is our first winter. I only got 1 (out of 4 hens) egg yesterday. I assume the fast change in weather along with an anticipated first molt is affecting production. I have a small coop on the SE side of the house. It has louvers on two sides and in the door for proper circulation. I've also got two openings in the bottom, one of which I blocked off just using some loosely stacked fire wood so there's still lots of air coming in there. I am not planning on using artificial light in the coop. I live in north Texas zone 7-8 so the winters are milder but still cold in my perspective. So if you were me in my climate, what would you be doing to make my girls more comfortable this time of the year?

Also, I've seen these cute little knit chicken sweaters. I KNOW my lil dog loves his sweaters in cold weather. But am I just fooling myself thinking my girls would find them cozy when they start dropping their feathers just as it gets cold outside? Is this a gimic or do you think in would improve their quality of life? And finally, IF I do put sweaters on them, should I just do it on days when it's freezing? I guess I'm really trying to figure out their comfort range as far as body temp vs outside temps go. Thanks for the advice. Hope I didn't sound like a weird old lady with the chicken sweater chatter. I just want to be kind to my girls.
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I wouldn't put a sweater on my chickens, I think that would make for a miserable chicken. They need to be able to preen their feathers & stretch their wings. I think they would over heat too w/ a sweater on. There are chickens in Alaska who do just fine on their own, so I wouldn't worry too much about your Texas chickens!
Enjoy your new girls!

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