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    Apr 8, 2016
    I've got 4 laying ducks, so about 3-4 eggs per day. I tried letting them hatch them, ground too cold, they wouldn't use a nest box . so on to this year. I'm going to try an incubator but do I put each day's 3 eggs in the "bator' every day? store them till I have 20 eggs? or do batches of 10? which I would still have to store. it is below freezing in the morning. their stall is warmer but certainly can't leave them w/ the hens.

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    Hi hesperus, welcome to BYC!

    Do you have the incubator already? Just save up enough eggs to fill the incubator, and start them all at once. You want them all at the same stage of development as you are learning how to incubate.

    Just store them in an egg carton in a cool spot in your house until you have enough.

    Good luck!

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