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    I have a question. If you cross two Coral Blue guineas together will all the offspring be Coral Blue? I have incubated eggs from my coral blues. Two male and three female in a pen. The offspring as keets looked like the coral blue color chart keets but now look like they may have spots like lavenders do. So the question is do coral blue breed true or can they produce lavender?

    The other question: Is there a guinea color genetics breeding chart

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    Coral Blue guineas are partially pearled which is recessive to fully pearled. Lavenders are fully pearled which is dominant to over partially pearled so theoretically a pair of coral blues cannot produce a lavender. There is always the possibility of a mutation which over rules normal results.

    A pair of coral blues can produce a number of different results depending on the hidden genes. Because of the parentage of my coral blues, I know that they each have a partially pearled gene (recessive to fully pearled and dominant over no pearling) and a no pearling gene which recessive to both fully pearled and partially pearled. This year my coral blue mating produced coral blues, a few sky blues and a lite blue.

    Coral blues that are homozygous for partially pearled should produce only coral blues.

    Link to color genetics of guineas.

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