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6 Years
Aug 19, 2013
Hello, I have been busy hatching away this summer with my single, 3 yr old BS male, 2 BS hens and 2 IB hens. I am surprised to find that I have 2 purples from these birds. I do not know what is behind them genetically as I bought and raised all but 2 as chicks. Wondering if both must be split to this recessive color or? I am assuming it has to be one of the IB hens since they are not BS purples.
A purple or split to purple male can produce purple daughters no matter what color hen he is bred to. Hens cannot be split to purple they are either purple or not. This is how "Sex-Linked" colors work.
Ok, that helps me to pinpoint that my BS male is split to purple and is producing it with one of the IB hens? Otherwise, wouldn't the chicks be BS purples (perhaps some of the BS chicks are BSP) Thanks!
Yes, your male is likely split to purple, and he could produce bsp daughters with your BS hens.
this is my BS male. I am curious as to the white striping in his this common?

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Some peacock need years to be a complete Black Shoulder.
The puzzle in Black Shoulder is why the female is white cream!
The white striping will fade. My midnight blackshoulder male had some last year but now that he's mature he's molted out of it and just has the black on his wings.
Good to know. I haven't had anything other than IB's until 3 yrs ago so haven't seen how they mature out. Thanks for all of your input. I'm sure I will be asking a lot more with all of the new color varieties I have added this year.

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