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Mar 18, 2010
I have been looking for info about white eye colour gene. Does anybody have a pictures of a Pied white eye peachicks and also a picture of the same birds with just starting to grow his train. It would help me a lot.

My understanding is that pied and white eyed pied completely different gene. Could someone please explain to me what is the early sing of white eye gene in peachicks. Thank you in advance
I'm not sure about the white eye gene in particular, as in what causes it to make such a specific area white, but I know the pied mutation is a genetic condition called leucism, where pigment is produced but fails to deposit on the feathers in random patterns determined by the migration of certain cells during development. It's not like the other pattern or color mutations.

Due to how the white eye displays in specific non-shifting patterns (always the eyes), it's probably not related to leucism. It also is a dominant trait- only one parent needs to have the gene for the children to display it, which is also unlike the pied mutation.

It's been said on the forums a few times lately that early signs of white eye is a greyish misty overcast to the feathers, like someone's muted the color a tiny bit. I hope someone has pictures for you.
Thanks Kedreeva. I hope someone helps me with photos. I just would like to see simple explanations between two of this birds. For example if someone bought eggs and hatched them, I don’t think they can wait till bird get old enough to see white eye on male's train. So that what I am trying to find is a way to practically to see difference.

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