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Jul 24, 2012
Fountain, Colorado
This happened durring the day about 4 pm. Kids were watching a movie and the dog was with them in the house. I got home about 4:05 or so and saw the boncat cross the creek with what i thought was a cub. Now i believe it was one of my chickens. I followed the feathers and it took the same trail as the bobcat had. So its on. Next time i see that bobcat it will be taken care of. Two traps are set and some fencing goes up tomorrow. I have got to be a better protector them in the future. Nuf said
Up north of me must have gotten some good rain. The creek is WAY up at the moment behind my house. About two and a half feet. Nothing is going to cross it tonight so no worries about the bobcat tonight.


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Jul 8, 2012
Pueblo, CO
Well, it happened to my flock today. One of my only two aracaunas got taken by a bobcat while they were out free ranging. That was the one that had just started to lay blue eggs. I know it happens and I don't have much of a chance of fencing off my 5 acres but that sucks. I have to figure something out around my place so It does not happen again. That sucker will probably be back and that means its trap time. Time to get some fencing and such to try and make it a whole lot more difficult for this to happen again. I have told my girls if the chickens are out that someone needs to be out there with them from now on until I can get some security around the coop where it is close to the woods and the path to the creek.

Sorry that happened, even though it's a known risk of free ranging, it still stinks when it happens.


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Oct 4, 2009
CO Western Slope
Sorry to hear of your loss. We have foxes living on our farm and have taken precautions to keep the girls safe. Although neighbors have lost many chickens to the foxes we have been lucky. Fences help; dogs loose in the yard do a lot of good and locking them up at night has helped most of all. Dogs running the fence will make predators think twice. When I graze livestock in a remote part of the farm I always take one of the Border Collies with me and we stay with the animals. We also have coyotes and mountain lion up here. When we go in so do the livestock.
Good luck and please try to remember that the bobcat was only doing what is in its nature-so was the chicken.


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Jun 16, 2012
Tending to my chickens
It really poured up here yesterday. We were actually down in the Springs, but I came back and everything was soaked (as compared to dry that morning). It must have been hard because the gals were barely wet, so they rushed inside. Usually they will stay outside if it's just a calm rain. At least the burn scars didn't flood.


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Oct 12, 2012
Still waiting on the cool down. Have lots of planned projects. Another roost in the coop. bought a new feeder & waterer for coop. How many of you provide food and water in the coop? During the summer I can leave the door open to the run which is access to food & water. But Gosh for my little coop it makes a mess. I am going to try a different water source in the coop. Must install those. My sand got wet for a few days yuck, Even with a tarp over top. I was thinking of adding pea gravel and sand. THOUGHTS?
Welp I just turned around and I see relaxing cloud cover. Im heading out!! Enjoy the weekend kids!!

wee.gif mad does it make you when you see your hen go sit in her spot only to get off go bouncing out to find no egg. Uber bummer!!!
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Nov 28, 2011
CO Springs-First Chics 3/2/12
Well, here I am in San Diego again, back from the wild northern CA mountains (Virginia Lakes near the Mammoth area if you are familiar with it). We are all back safe and sound, altho my 87 YO mother took a fall in the motel parking lot of all places and bounced her head off the curb. She is fine except she has a black eye and everyone thinks I beat her up while we were gone.

My car didn't far so well in the fight it had with a bear in the middle of the night. Say goodbye to the passenger side front window and a little of my back seat upholstery. SIGH, I'm told by passers-by (my brother and his wife) that it may cost as much as $1,000 to replace. Yuck! Hoping maybe I can find a used window at U-Pull-and-Pay and maybe my neighbor can figure out how to install it. That's IF I can make it back to CO without that window. The plastic I taped on the window kept coming off about every hour on the way back because it was so hot the adhesive on the duct tape wouldn't hold.

My neighbors tell me the girls (and my dog) are fine, that's good news, and I hear it has been raining in the Springs, also good news.

Well, now to go catch up on the gazillion pages since I was last on. C Ya!!
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