Colorful Custom Tarps


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Nov 26, 2007
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These tarps are like the ones you see on children's wood swingsets/forts. They are vinyl with snaps or grommets for hooking onto the wood. She is looking to expand their customer base and I thought of backyard chickens, since I have one on the top of my tractor.

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Quote:Hi hope you are fine at all I would like to let you if you dont mind, few corrosion-resistant iron artifacts survive from antiquity. A famous (and very large) example is the Iron Pillar of Delhi, erected by order of Kumara Gupta I around the year AD 400. Unlike stainless steel, however, these artifacts owe their durability not to chromium, but to their high phosphorus content, which, together with favorable local weather conditions, promotes the formation of a solid protective passivation layer of iron oxides and phosphates, rather than the non-protective, cracked rust layer that develops on most ironwork.

This is a random quote straight from Wikipedia. This reminds me of those spam e-mails you get where they cut and paste bizarre text from the internet to try to get around spam filters.

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