Comb Genetics question


5 Years
May 5, 2014
Upstate South Carolina
I've read that there are two types Pea (P or p) and Single (S,s) and that Pea is dominant over Single.. I know Walnut comes from having at least one dominant P and S in a bird and that to get single there must be (p,p)(s,s) but what about flat combs and buttercups?

The only thing I can find is that Buttercup and "V" combs are incomplete dominant over single combs and that "V" is dominant over Buttercup.. but does this mean there are more than the two gene locations??

I'm wanting to cross the Buttercup comb into some of my pea and flat comb combed flock (primarily Ameraucana, Orloff, and Malay) for a project i'm doing..

Any advice or resources (preferably online) would be greatly appreciated.

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