Comb injured! Will it heal?

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    Jul 24, 2013
    I let one of my cockerels out today with the hens so that he could get some practice mating them, as I am going to breed them this fall, and he is a bit awkward and clumsy (he hasn't gotten the hang of jumping on top of them/holding on). He mated one of my pullets, and, in the process, injured her comb. She has a rose comb, and he gouged out a small piece of the top. Its just a small injury (a little more than 1/16 of an inch square, and even less deep), but the flesh is missing. The bleeding wasn't bad, and she's fine now (no chickens are picking on her as far as I know). However, my question is, will this heal? Will one part of her comb always be sunken in slightly because its missing a piece of skin/flesh? Or, will it heal and look smooth and even again? Thanks in advance!
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    When a piece of comb is bitten or torn off it will never grow back. It will scab over and heal to a point but only a portion of the comb that was there will appear, if at all. On growing birds the comb may grow back but on older ones, nope.
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    Jul 22, 2013
    Yikes, hope she heals quickly!
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    Those young boys can be a real nuisance. My coro sussex pulled one of his hens comb's so hard that it became unattached half way along. There was a lot of blood, but it has healed now. We now call her flopsy.
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    Hope she gets well:(

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