Comb injury, can't isolate, what to do?


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Apr 29, 2021
Central Ontario, Canada
Hi all,
I have a 7 month old blue azure chicken with a piece at the top of her comb torn with a bit hanging off. It looks like it's not bleeding anymore. Yesterday I noticed some blood on her head, but I looked her over and couldn't see any injury. There was a bit of blood splattered around the most popular nestbox, so I assume she got into an argument? Anyway, today I went out and saw the tear. It looks gruesome but she's acting normally otherwise.
I haven't seen any of the others picking on her, and she isn't the lowest status chicken in the flock.
I have polysporin, can I put that on the wound?
The main problem is that I can't isolate her because I only have one dog crate and already have another chicken isolated in there for an unrelated issue with her crop.
What should I do?


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Mar 20, 2017
The main problem is that I can't isolate her... What should I do?

Just leave her with the rest and hope for the best.
Combs heal quickly, and you say she is not at the bottom of the pecking order, so hopefully she'll be fine.

If the others pick at her, you might have to choose whether to put the other chicken back & isolate this one in the dog crate instead (that would depend on which chicken seems to need the dog crate most.)

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