Comb, wattle, scale issues? (w/pics)


9 Years
Jun 13, 2010
West Virginia
My son thinks the gray & black dots/spots are new on this roosters wattles & comb. He noticed them a few days ago and is convinced this is fowl pox. He is a comet x RIR. Do these spots look like trouble? What do I do if so?

Also, some of our chickens have brown down the front of their legs. I don't know what is causing it. It's only on some of the birds. Here are the legs of the same rooster pictured above. Some of the scales look like they are flaking in the centers.

Advice much appreciated.
I have had combs that look like that a lot especcialy in the winter. My birds always healed and never gotton any sicker. They have also passed the blood testing twice. My theory is that it is bruising that especcialy occures in the winter when the comb is cold. (Don't know this, just assume.) The only problems it would cause that I know of would be at shows or maybe it encourages pecking? All I know is that it hasn't hurt my birds and they act no differently with it or without it.
Probably wouldn't hurt to look up fowl pox theres 2 kinds wet and dry. and if their legs look scaley might want to treat for leg mites, vaseline spread over the legs up to feathers will kill them.
Thank you for the info. I looked up both types of pox. So far these do not seem like they are growing but I will keep an eye o them. No blisters or scabbing.

On the vaseline on the legs - do I need to cover the entire foot and leg (do the mites migrate to a "safe" zone until the vaseline wears off?)? And, how often and for how long do I need to do this?

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