Comb/wattle size, color and egg laying

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    Sep 2, 2008
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    I have 2 Golden Sex Links and 1 Americana. They are all 20 weeks old today. One of my sex links has been laying eggs for 4 weeks now, but the other two are not. The chicken that is laying has a very large, red, well developed comb and wattle while the other chickens combs and wattles are small and pinkish - kind of pathetic looking compared to the other chicken. Does the size and color of the comb and wattle have anything to do with egg laying? Will the other two chickens combs/wattles eventually get as big as the 1st or does it vary between chicken or depend on the breed?
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    That's what I was wondering too!!! My RIR has excellent comb and wattles andd has started laying but the Amerucuanas are still behind...hmmm....
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    Well, part of it depends on the breed, a bird with a single comb will end up with a taller comb than a bird with a pea comb. Part of it depends on where they are as far as laying also. As a bird get closer to laying, generally their combs and wattles get larger and more red. For example, here are pictures of one of my barred rocks a few weeks before laying her first egg, and the day before she laid her first one. You can see how her comb and wattles grew.



    But then I also have a bird who has fairly large, red comb and wattles that isn't laying yet. She has looked this way for a couple weeks. I am hopeful she will be laying soon [​IMG] .

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