combining chicks with started pullets


10 Years
Mar 10, 2009
Quiet Corner, CT
I have an opportunity to get a few 6-8 week old started pullets and close to the same time may receive a small shipment of day old chicks. How/when to integrate them all eventually? I see posts here on introducing youngsters to adults, but how about youngsters to slightly older youngsters??
Since they are about 2 months apart, you'll want to put them together probably at 4 and 6 months old, or when they are the same size. 2 month old chicks will be nothing like chicks and likly result in dead babies if you try to put them together sooner. Social structure of 6-8 week old chicks is like adult birds ready to be outdoors, while chicks are babies who still ned brooder heat.
If I were able to have a brooder inside a large coop with a mesh fence separating the chicks/pullets for the duration, would that help them get used to each other as they grow (of course they might not see eachother for awhile since chicks in brooder..but hearing them)? Or does it not matter and then at 2-3 months introduce them through mesh fence separated quarters for a week or two?
A mesh fence would be a good idea, hearing is a first step, seeing is the next, but do be prepared for a bit of squabble, but not as bad with younger vs old birds, especially, if the chicks already have their "space" in the coop.

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