Combining my orpingtons with my ameraucanas in a new cage, help?


5 Years
Mar 12, 2015

So I have five ameraucanas/easter egg layers and three buff orpingtons that I've put together. So far the orpingtons are getting bullied by two of the ameraucanas surprisingly. The buffs are at least three weeks older than the ameraucanas and twice the size of the little ameraucanas. So far I've taken the two bullies and watched how the five interacted with each other with out them. So far they get along well, but the buffs have taken a bit of fear of the little ones. Roosting they're all together in the nest box with the two groups on opposite sides. They pecked all three buffs and caused a little wound on the base of their combs. I put a little cage inside their new pen to put the bullies in during the day. I have three food bowls and two water bowls spread out so everyone can eat in peace. So far the big two don't like the buffs interacting with the two docile ameraucans. I'd love any advice and would love to hear any successful stories of putting two different chickens together. By the way the buffs are two months old and the ameraucanas are one and a half month old. Also this is a temp cage, we're in the process of making two larger cages. Before we make theirs I want to know if they'll be able to life together otherwise instead of a cage for 8, one for 5 and the other for 3. In the morning I'll either move the buffs or the bullies to a little wire chicken cage for three next to it while I'm at work.
They don't call it "the pecking order" for nothing. Given time and enough space (and places to escape) they should work it out. But yeah, Orps do tend to get picked on and bullied by other more aggressive breeds.
Hey, thanks so much for the good advice. Weirdly i think they bonded over a wild cat being near their cage and hiding out in the nest haha. After that so far theyve been fine afterwards. Theyre all cuddlers so now I'll find the buffs among the ameraucanas spread about.

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