combining pullets has us worried! questions?? update

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    We had 4 polish, 2 turned into roos so we traded them for 2 younger pullets, 1 -BR 1- GC they have been in solitary for 1 month now they are 8 weeks old . for the last 2 weeks they have been in a portable pen next to the pen with our 2 polish pullets in it . the polish are 15 & 16 weeks old. We are worried about putting the 2 younger girls in with them. We are hoping for some advice or any tips that those with more experience, or have done this already have to give.

    T/Y Mike & Angie

    So we put them in just a few minutes ago Frow the white crested black who must be dominant has been pecking at them not hard or on the head just on thier backs. She has also been chasing them a little. We are hoping it doesnt get worse than that, this might be smoother than we thought. We hope they will all go in the coop together tonite!!
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    You can put them together, the older ones might peck a little to prove they are top of the order but they shouldn't hurt them. When I introduce mine I put some scratch or goodies out so they don't even notice there are new chicks, they just move about looking for the treats. Keep an eye on them and if they get too ruff take them out and wait another week. I bet they will be fine. Good luck
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    T/Y higinsOO I think it will be just fine.
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    There will be some pecking and chasing the first few days, but they'll figure it out. You may have to provide a second feeder, especially the first few weeks.
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    I read somewhere that a good way to introduce new birds to another flock was to put them in the coop with the other birds after dark. We tried this when we introcuced our 3 month old Javas with our 8 month old barred rock hen, who had the pen and coop to herself. We had 4 javas to introduce, so we put 1 new java per night in one of the nest boxes after dark when she was in her "chicken stupor". The article said that the older bird will just think that the new one was there all along and not pay any attention. We did this each night until all 4 new birds were successfully introduced. It worked like a charm. They are now a happy little flock of 4 hens and 1 roo.
    I actually think I found this info in one of my books.
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