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Apr 8, 2010
I put my 12 wk olds (3 rir & 3 ee) in with my 6 mth olds. (2 prod red hens,1 bantie hen,1 bantie roo) 4 days ago.Did it at night went ok. Now in the daytime the "big"ones fight w/ little ones.I know it will stop but how long ! The little ones won't come out of coop unless I'm out there.They also pull all the straw out of the nest boxes how do I make them stop. They have knocked eggs out of nest and one hen laid egg on ground because she didn't have straw in there.
I'm not sure. Their awfully young to be mixed but I know alot that have success with it. I usually wait till their at least 16 weeks old and haven't had any problems. I usually start letting them free range together for a while before integrating in the same coop/run.

Hope you get it figured out.

I recently had to add my then 12 week old girls to a flock of 12 one year old hens. I originally sectioned off (with chicken wire and 2x4's) a 2x5 section in the 8x8 coop to keep the babies in so that they could see the older girls (and the older see the younger ones) without any pecking, putting the babies outside when they were about 5 weeks old. Due to a serious bullying by one of my hens, I had to take the babies out of the "mini coop" when they were 12 weeks old and use it as a Chicken Jail for the bully! This allowed the injured hen (vicitim of bullying) to heal but not loose standing w/the flock, and it helped to knock the bully down a few pegs. Luckily, none of the remaining flock took too much of an alpha position, and the three babies did not have a hard time integrating. They would keep to themselves for a few weeks, but now will sit next to the older girls on the roost, ect. Hopefully yours will adjust shortly!
They seem to be getting along a little better.The big ones come towards them and they run to the nest boxes. My little ones are sleeping and hiding in the nest boxes.HELP!how do I get them to stop.I can't close off the nests so my other girls can lay. They are late morning layers I'm already gone when they lay.
The together but seperate thing for a week or two is really the best way to do it. In the situation that you have now though there are a few things you can do.

1. If at all possible add another roost for the youngsters, bullying on the roost bar can make the youngsters want to sleep in the nest where they feel (and are) safer.
2. If you haven't allready add another feeder and waterer, sometimes the older hens will make it a point to keep the new ones away from feed/water.
3. Put a lip on your nest boxes, a 2"-4" lip across the front should keep most of the straw/shavings where it belongs.
4. The youngsters will still try to sleep in the boxes for awhile so go out after dark and put them on the roost. It usually takes a few days up to a week or so, but they will get the idea after awhile.

Best of luck!
I had the youngsters in a 10x10 dog cage next to the coop and they slept in a big cat house. So I think they relate the nest boxes to their "old" home. I have another roost pole no one is interested in it. I'll try putting them on the roost at night w/ the others. Thanks for all your input any advice or any tricks appreciated.

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