Combining the flock for the down season??


9 Years
Jan 19, 2011
So...this is my first year with different breeding sets.
I've always just had a big layer pen with everyone free ranging.

I've read several different posts where people combine their flock for the winter. is it done?

I can see the hens figuring it out, eventually.
BUT - what about the Roos? Do they go into a "bachelor pad?"

Do I need more square footage than normal to give some "personality" some room?
Hmmm, I'm not sure of the answer so I'll give you a bump.

I have two flocks that free range together - cockerels, roos, hens, chicks and all - but everybody goes to their own coop at night.
Don't really understand what advice your asking for. I have two separate flocks that free range & my flocks roam around the farm as separate flocks. One flock is the offspring of the other.One flock consist of 10 hens & one roo. The other flock is the offspring of the other flock which consist of 16 pullets which are around 8 months younger. The younger flock stays close to their coop. While the other flock roams greater distances .
It appears that some breeders keep separate pairs/trios/quads, etc. together all spring/early summer for breeding

THEN put the flock back into one or two big groups for the winter/non-breeding/hatching season.

The question is - HOW is this best done?
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Not sure, so I'll give you another bump.
I am probably no help.........but have read about others who do this.

Yes, the roosters go into their own coop. Some folks keep the roos all together in one coop with a run - the roosters have to work out their "new" fall pecking order each fall.

Some folks have individual, smaller type cage/coops for the roos - so each roo gets his own pad, and there is no fighting.

There is also usually fighting/squabbles in the hens' coop also, as they decide their pecking order.
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