combs, wattles and clucking

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big greg barker

11 Years
Oct 26, 2008
central maine
Hi all, I have some chicks that are 5 weeks old. The Jersey Giants all have combs and wattles coming. Is this about right for that breed, or should I expect them all to be roos? I ordered all sexed chicks. The rocks, wyandottes, EEs and others are just starting to show signs of combs.
Also, when are these chickens going to start sounding like chickens instead of chicks?
I'm not sure about the JGs since I have never had them. EEs and Wyandottes only ever get little combs if they are hens. My barred rock hens got combs in that were surprisingly big to me when they were growing.

I can never pinpoint when my chicks start sounding like chickens but this years batch of Wyandottes are 15 weeks old and still doing the peeping. I haven't even heard a single crow from the cockerels either. So if that gives you any idea. I know some people get starter crowing from their cockerels as early as 8 weeks, one person even reported a 3 week old trying to crow (I think that was a Silkie!). I would guess that a lot has to do with breed and growth rates.
Depends on breed. I have several different breeds and they have all developed at different rates. My salmon favorelle rooster is 6 weeks younger than my Lt. Brahama rooster but is starting to crow. Seems like at 5 weeks most of mine started to change their sounds but it was gradual so it's hard to say. Good Luck

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