Come on girls!

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6 Years
Jun 24, 2013
Buna, TX
I have a beautiful production red dinosau-er....pullet....ahem. and a black aussie mix (looks like an aussie but with a pea comb).

Rosie (the red) is 17 weeks today. Alice will be 17 weeks next Tuesday.

One day, it seems like theyre getting red...the next not so much. Alice has crouched since she was a few weeks old and Rosie wont come close enough to see if she would. (Like i said. Hateful old dinosaur.)

They have fluffed up some fine looking nests inside the coop a few times.

When did your production reds start laying? I know Alice probably has at least five more weeks....but i think Rosie is toyng with me ;)
Patience is a virtue.

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