Commercial blacks?


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Feb 16, 2013
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Ok, so I asked on here (two different threads) if anyone could help me identify my chicks...I got them from Southern States, and they were supposed to be Barred Rocks (they "only" had RIR's, BR's, some turkeys and some ducks). Two of my six that I picked out had brown around their eyes. I thought perhaps they were a BR mix, but no one could confirm for me.

I called the Southern States I got the chicks from and asked what the name of the hatchery was they used. They told me Mt. Healthy in Ohio. So I called the hatchery and after speaking to someone, sent an email with pictures of my two chicks. The woman called me back and told me they are not Barred Rocks, that they are Commercial Blacks.

Does anyone know anything about this breed? My chicks are 4 weeks old, and I had intended on only having Barred Rocks. Now I have this other breed, and I don't know what to expect! Also, I am pretty good at sexing BR's, but I don't know how to sex Commercial Blacks! Here's pics of the two of a day old and today at 4 weeks old:

I could be very very wrong here, but I would guess they are black sex links. Maybe they just call them commercial blacks. If that is the case, they are males.
BSLs are a cross between a RIR and BR. You can sex them by their color when they first hatch. Males have the white spot on top of the head and the females don't. The females may have white on the neck/throat and/or belly, but definitely not on top of the head. Also, I believe the males will grow up with the barred pattern and the females will be black or black and red. My profile picture is a female sex link. She was the only one of 5 that had brown on the face.
I got two commericial blacks from uhls feed store in corydon indiana they got them from my healthy. I got them out of curiosity.

I sure hope they are good layers because I bought 50 of them this year. None of mine are growing to look like a BR though, mine are black with some having a gold pattern around the lower neck.
Here's some pics of them I took last evening. All 6 are CB's, not just the two that had the brown around their eyes. Those two are creepy looking. I don't like the way they look at all. But they are very sweet.

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