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    Sorry if this is a repeat topic for anyone but I haven't found it yet in my searching.

    I'm new and probably won't get my coop until late this year or early next year- we're moving and I can't have chickens where I am now.

    Basically, I want to start out with 6 hens (started- I'll tackle chicks once my kids get a little older and can enjoy it with me). I know someone who breeds buff orpingtons and I'm interested but I also want to try a variety. I was thinknig of getting 2 of 3 different breeds.

    So if I got (2) buffs what else would you put in that is going to, (a) get along and (b) produce a good amount of eggs.

    Or if you'd have a different strategy let me know. I'm open to everything!
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    Jan 27, 2009
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    You can get pretty much anything. Easter Eggers, Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, Leghorns. Many people even keep bantams with their large birds. I personally have 3 Silkies running with my flock of 30 + large birds and there is not issue so far.
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    Thanks. I've been looking for a little color of chickens and eggs maybe...if possible anyway.

    I'm in PA now but moving back down to Maryland. I can't seem to find anywhere that is selling started pullets for under 30.00 and even at that, they all seem to be RIR's it seems

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