Completely shell less egg


Jul 13, 2020
Hi there,

I was wondering if any one had ever experienced a hen laying completely shell less eggs? Yesterday she laid a normal egg but appeared to be coated in yolk and egg white. When I checked the normal egg it was definitely intact no breaks. She picked up and was doing normal chicken stuff. This morning she sat in nest box but no egg, continued being a happy chicken but then this evening I found her hunched up in cage where she remained for a few hours.

I brought her in an give her a warm espom bath. She had plenty to eat and some calcium supplement. She then went to lay whites and a yolk, no shell no membrane. I'll try and attach a photo (next to it is poo that she passed a few mins before).

She's current in a crate and her back end is pulsating still. Does anyone have any experience/advice in this ?

She is 2 years old and breed is a cream legbar.



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