Confused about feeding ducks and chickens!


9 Years
Apr 12, 2010
I posted about this a long while ago and didn't get much response.....I have 2 pekin ducklings and 6 buff orp chicks. They are 4 and 6 weeks old. I have been feeding a 50:50 mix of non-medicated purina start/grow and purina flock raiser to them since they were a few days old. I plan to feed them this until they are 18 weeks. After that I was planning to feed them purina layena. I'm having second thoughts now after reading and hanging out on this forum. Is layena okay for ducks too? The flock will free-range 1/2 the day and I will propbably give them scratch and treats such as fruits and veggies daily. So can I go along with my plan? Thanks!
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You mean give them all flock raiser as adults? I thought flock raiser was a game bird type start and grow for birds under 18 weeks.
Okay, so after reading the flockraiser vs layena thread, It made it clear that I can feed flockrasiser to the chickens supplemented with oyster shell when they get older. Is flockraiser a good feed for adult ducks without any other supplements?

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