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Feb 7, 2012
I bought a yearling IB peahen, Barbie, last week and have been pondering getting a mate for her (No, his name will not be Ken). I was researching colors and variations. I contacted Barbie's seller to learn of her parents coloring. They both were IB. I had more questions about the other colors he had, which were pied, black shouldered, cameo, and white.

Now, this is where I got confused. He said to get a blue pied, cross white and blue. I could get a blue pied or blue. I can only get a white by crossing a white with a white.

He said he didn't know the genetics, but in his years of raising them (and what he learned from other breeders when he first started) that's the way to get a crossed with white. So I'm guessing that his blues could be blue split???

So I'm wondering, since he gets pies from his blues, then my blue hen could actually carry the pied gene?? And to test this theory, I could cross her with a white when she matures and she what colors she produces??
When you cross white and blue you do not get pied. Does your peahen have any white flights or a white throat patch? Pictures might help.
Pied birds can cary the pied gene and not show ANY signs of it.I hatched several chicks last year from Thang and two IB hens that has white flights(not pied but carry one copy of white) and several of those chicks DO NOT SHOW a white throat patch but since I know their breeding they carry the pied gene from Thang.Maybe one outta 3 chicks showed the pied throat patch is all. Pied is a pattern,not a color.
She doesn't have any white flight feathers, but there is a white throat patch. Does this mean that she is a split pied?

I'm trying to post this from my phone. I added a pic but don't know if it posted. Still trying to learn.
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My new hen, Barbie. Dark Pied or IB split white???
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