Confused and Concerned(3/15 UPDATE!!!)

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by ChickenCrazy09, Mar 12, 2011.

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    Mar 12, 2011
    Hi..I bought six bantam chicks on Feb. 21, 2011. When I got the chicks home I had their brooder ready and I gave them sugar water for an hour then regular water and medicated chick feed. Five of the chicks appear to be the same age( they had just started wing feathers) but the sixth one had fuzz only. The one that had no feathers(just fuzz) has had wing feathers for about a week now is the one that concerns me the most. It had pasty butt once and has been fine since then but just the past few days when it goes to stretch its legs out back it falls to one side. When it goes to stretch its right leg it starts to fall but corrects it self, but when it does the same with the left foot it falls over but gets back up immediately. It eats/drinks and appears normal except for the lack of balance when do I know if its something serious or just age or a clumsiness? I am sorry this question is long just trying to give as much information as I can.

    It has started shaking its head and is still falling over(its eating/drinking/poo normal andhas been on medicated chick feed since purchase)..IDK I feel like I am worrying over nothing but something just doesnt feel right..Is there a way to post short clips on here? Thank you
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    Im thinking its just a little clumsy! As all chicks are [​IMG] Maybe you are over-worrying!
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    [​IMG] and congratulations on your new chicks!

    At this point it doesn't sound like a big problem. I would just make sure the chick is eating and drinking. Watch to see if it is being bullied. If you see any new problems/symptoms then repost with the new info.

    My BO roo would trip, fall over, or would end up sliding on his face when he ran when he was a chick. He is now over a year old perfectly healthy. I chalked it up to him having more legs than brains. [​IMG]
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    Mar 12, 2011
    Thank you both..I would rather be a little over cautious than not be and have something happen or spread to the remainder chicks..

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