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    Jul 10, 2015
    In Michigan right now it's about 15 degrees where I'm at. I have a barred rock that had dry feet and had cracked a bit. I always try to keep their coop anything above freezing around 40-45. Tonight when I came home after work and went to check on them, the coop has sat about maybe 32-33 degrees in temperature. I'm trying to keep it warmer in there and it becomes difficult trying to dress wounds when the temperature is so cold. So I wasn't able to wash it but I was able to hold her close to me and spray blue kote on her one foot, it did not freeze but she has began to look a little exhausted and sleeps standing up. Did I maybe do something wrong? And what can I do?

    Also this is there second winter but this one is alittle harder on them because around November dogs had gotten ahold of some of the feathers off a couple of them and they aren't eating much of their feather fixer etc. is there anything to help them with that also?
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    Mar 1, 2016
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    Could you bring the chickens that don't have much feathers (or the ones that our freezing), in your house? Like in the basement? At night here, it's in the 20s and our chickens our fine, I think ours just kinda adapted to the cold temperatures. If her feet put dry and cracked, have you tried bringing her in and putting coconut oil (or any other moistureiser) on her feet?

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