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Sep 21, 2018
Peoria, IL
Hi, All!

First time duckling momma here. My little ducklings are just starting to hatch in our incubator. Just trying to get my ducks in a row (haha) and make sure I have my bases covered. I know ducklings need more niacin than baby chicks so I found an organic duckling feed from New Country Organics (and let me tell you it was hard to find any organic duckling feed!). Once they grow to be adults, can they be on a chicken feed? (I have my adult chickens on an organic layer feed which I am going to stop getting once my 21 baby chicks get older because I am sure there will be males in the mix. Do you switch to just grower feed and offer oyster shells on the side?)

I have seen that there is an option to have flock feed (I think it is called. I can't remember!). If you have to go that route, has anyone found an organic version that doesn't break the bank?

Thanks for all the help. Hopefully, I make sense!:)
Adult ducks can be fed chicken feed , baby ducks can be on chick feed. Just add nutritional yeast to the feed 1TB per cup , mix it in .

My chickens ate it too when they shared a coop with the ducks . It’s basically vitamin B , just like us any excess goes right threw :)

I have no knowledge on organic , I’m in farm country we don’t do organic :)
Thanks for your reply! I knew about the added Brewer's yeast for the ducklings. Do you still need to add the Brewer's yeast to adult feed?

Side note: I am from a small farming community where agriculture is big. You show cattle, goats, etc. and see tractors on a daily basis. There is organic even out here in the boondocks. :) I just like the idea of less chemicals on my food is all! :)

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