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    Jun 21, 2010
    My chicks should be coming any day now so I went to stock up on necessities for their impending arrival. Grabbed a plastic feeder and waterer, a bag of grit and some powdered vitamins that said on the package that they were meant for baby chicks through periods of stress. Went to the counter and asked for advice. The guy seemed very knowledgable....made me put back the bag of grit and the vitamins; said chicks will be too young to need either one....medicated feed would be all I would need.
    When I told him I needed some pine shavings he advised to hold off for the first week and just use newspaper; the chicks might just pick at the shavings and forget about their food altogether. From everything I've read about newspaper its a bad substitute. Now I'm confused and in need of advice...was the Agway guy right?
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    Pine shavings get to be a pain when they get in the water. I use cabinet liner. It has great grip and is cheap =]
  3. You can use paper towels over the pine shavings for the first week or so. Newspapers are slick and cause leg problems from what I have read.

    Most likely the grit was the one for older chickens. Not sure on the vitamins...have never used them. You will not need grit right away since they can process the starter feed just fine (my TSC store does not sell medicated feed) and yogurt if you chose to give it as a treat.

    Good luck with your babes!
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    for the most part ya. he was right. well except for the vitamins that couldn't hurt. they don't really need grit till they are eating things other than chick starter. I would have gotten all of the items just so you wouldn't have to make another trip in like 3 days. some ppl use paper towels or newspaper just until they understand where and what the food is. that doesn't take long. couple days max (for the really slow ones). that is really kinda backwards most sales ppl send ppl home with way more items than they need, not less...
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    The vitamins (with electrolytes?) might be ok for the first one or two waterings when they arrive, as it says good for stress and that is stress! Probably not absolutely necessary though, especially if when you get them, and feel they are super stressed, you can send someone to the store to get them, or else get them, and if they seem ok, just return them in a few days when you don't open it!

    First week or so, I use paper towels due to pine shavings being so messy, and newspaper being slippery, I have used newspapers though, once it gets wet it isn't so slippy... cabinet liner sounds good too though.

    He's right you won't need the grit till they start eating more treats than chick starter. They don't ever need grit at all if all they ever get is modern processed feed, but that is soooo Booooooorrrrrrrrring! You've got a month or more till they need grit!

    If you're going to the store and want to get any or all of it to have on hand, he's a fool for discouraging you from getting stuff though, if I were his manager I'd reprimand him! [​IMG]

    He's right in a way about most of it though. [​IMG]
    Congrats on the new Chicky-Babies! [​IMG]
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    I used the pine shavings with a layer of paper towel for the first 3 or 4 days so they don't start eating the shavings thinking it's food. Very easy to clean, just roll up the paper towel and put down some more. Started "baby grit" when they started treats (raisins, 1/2 grapes). So excited for you.
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    I agree with most answers so far; my babies are 3 weeks old now and for the first 4 or 5 days, I put paper towel over pine bedding...I put a few layers of it, and removed it as it got soiled...this let me keep an eye on their poops for the first few days, too. I removed it completely when I was sure every chick knew where the food and waterer was, and that they were steady on their feet. I use non-medicated chick starter and from about a week I offered 'treats' every day or so...yoghurt, moths, strawberries (which none like so far,btw...who doesn't like strawberries?) and ant grubs, so I needed grit. I went to the beach, got some sand, washed it and voila! Grit.

    All the best when your babies come...

    Oh, I took mine outside every once in a while when it was warm enough out. I read that if they get exposed to your soil early, they are less likely to develop coccidosis; not sure if it is true, but I figured that a Momma hen would would have them on soil asap *shrugs
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    Mar 7, 2010
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    This is what i do

    First week, pine shavings covered with paper towels and medicated feed
    Second Week, Medicated feed with grit, I also start feeding them lettuce and small greens like that to support a healthy system.
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    Jun 21, 2009
    I found Sand was cheap and created less problems than the pine shavings which do get the water all fowled up ( forgive the pun)
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    Jun 21, 2010
    Thanks for all of your feedback...makes me feel alot better...thank goodness for this site! I'll try to post pics when they arrive![​IMG]

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