Congested crested duck


Sep 15, 2016
i have a 1yr and 1/2 old crated female duck, she is sounding really congested. No discharge, eats and drinks fine, she has a pool so she ducks her head and clears out her nostrils. I’m at a loss, she had a mate he never sounded like her, I just incubated 7 of her eggs, only lost one any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
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Might be a respiratory infection can you take her to a vet she may need an antibiotic.? In the mean time put a Tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar into a gallon bucket of water and let her dunk her head and drink it too ACV can kill some bacteria. If after using the ACV for a few days and you don’t notice any improvement I’d suggest a vet visit.
Thank you, I will try that. Crazy duck is eating and drinking again, got her quack back. I haven’t heard her cough or the congestion but at the moment she is in her box and not behind my head yet lol. Hmmm only reason I haven’t taken her to the vet yet, not to mention just lost my job so hopefully the acv works or somehow she has healed herself.
Sorry about your job. If you have any poultry vitamins you can also boost her immune system with them. Great to hear she is doing so much better.

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Ok I got a quick question for you, my poor Birdie started getting worse. I bought some vetrx for her this morning, have you ever used it?
Yes I have used it just take a tiny bit and swipe right across her nares you don’t want in to run inside her Nare’s it’s like using Vick’s for when we have a cold. I believe in the directions it also says you can put it into their water. If a respiratory illness she’ll probably need an antibiotic.
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Yes she is a layer, just hatched 5 of her ducklings. I have her on some type of antibiotics I forgot the name of it, but a vet tech gives it to her poultry. I have a humidifier with the vetrx and I have been putting it on her. I love my Birdie, she has been with me since she was a duckling in fact that is her on my pit bulls head lol.

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